Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Exhausting Weekend

Last two days were very exhausting. After school last Friday, I rushed to Hospital Temerloh, visiting my father who had been there for the last two days. (To Abg Kamel & Kak Amy in Muscat, Oman please be notified about this because we had been trying to reach you guys). I brought my baby son who had a flu together. Unfortunately, the hospital authority refused to let children under 12 to go in. So I had to wait outside for sometimes. Looking at my father, I was devastated, with wires all over his body, he still managed to crack jokes. Due to his heart condition he might be sent to IJN KL. I was worried as this has never happended before. Mother looked cool as always. Eventhought, she was worried, she seldom there as she prefered to be in my sister's house nearby. Nevertheless father was never left alone. The nurses were always on his side, minding all his needs.
On Saturday, dispite fulfilling 'open houses' still I made my way to the hospital. He looked even worse, could not even walk properly but I thanked to the nurses who always be ready with wheelchairs and helped him in many ways including giving him a bath. We felt relieved seeing him in his best condition at all times. Mother was thinking about going back home for a day, so we took her home and decided to come back again the next day. We left father alone again knowing that my sister would come visiting most of the time and he would be in the nurses' good hands.
The next day I got a call from my sister telling that father was much better and could be admitted that evening. That was a relieved. Because of that I had time to be in another open house and a wedding 'kenduri' before evening. That evening, my brother from KL came back, took my father out and all of us got together at my sister's house. Had a makan-makan for a while before went back home. I was home at about 7 o'clock realizing that both of my husband and son had fever. Sorry guys, for not giving you much attention. Tomorrow school again..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Finally English Paper for PMR 2009 arrived today. Before the exam started, I was quite nervous as I was worried my students could not answer what they were asked to write. However, I tried not to show my feelings too obvious especially infront of the form 3 students. Apparently, when they completed the Paper 1, everyone face was as calm as dove. Nothing seemed to worry them. To my expectation, the questions were quite easy. From my early observation, most of them answered at least 50% correctly.

As for Paper 2, the section A question was on writing article. I wasn't sure whether they still remember the format or not. In addition to that the given points were too simple and limited. other than that, the novel part was on friendship. Still, they could not figure out how many was to write when the question asked for 'a' relationship. Most of them write more that one relationships. Better still, in my heart, I really hope 'the chosen one' did not make such mistake.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who Am I

Writing for the first time in my own blog excites me since there're a lot of things I need to share with those who might visit my blog. As an English teacher, writing makes me too concious, afraid to make mistakes or worry on what readers might think of me. However, language is usage, as long as people understand, I couldn't be more satisfied.